St Nicholas Council and Finance Commission have decided to develop our Planned Giving/ Pledge program with two primary aims in mind.  First.  Tithing is Scripturally mandated and a spiritual discipline that that not only deepens and enriches a persons faith but also opens a person up to profound Spiritual blessing.  We strive to be Scripturally based in all we do and it would be amiss if we did believe in and encourage our people to tithe.  Through our Planned Giving/ Pledge program we enable people to make tithing a normal part of their Christian life.  Second,  we believe that (and are committed to) our budgeted running costs nned be covered by the Pledges from our congregation without assistance from either donations or Fund Raisers.  Specific projects over and above our budgeted running costs would be funded by donations and Fund Raisers held for that purpose.  This is the healthiest and most stable way to run a church and so we are committed to this goal.

If you are already supporting St Nicholas I need say that St Nicholas deeply values your support so far.  It is literally you who have made possible so much of what we have been able to achieve over the years.  If you are new to St Nicholas and not financially supporting our church I need mention that St. Nicholas is a unique church.  Within the South African Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian community it is a model of how different denominations, can cross denominational divides to worship, pastor and serve the local community together.  St Nicholas is a model of denominations co-existing and as such is an amazing beacon of hope for those who believe it necessary for the church to rise above denominationalism to serve local communities, the marginalised and bring the Gospel to others.  It is our ability to transcend denominational differences and be contemporary while retaining their essence in both worship and ethos that attracts many people to St Nicholas, and is one of the reasons why an increasing number of people are seeking to become part of the life of St Nicholas.

St Nicholas seeks to be a relevant beacon of hope, care, spiritual growth and the espousing of Biblical truth to our community in Beacon Bay.  The Beacon Bay community needs the ministry St Nicholas can offer it – it needs the hope and witness only we can provide.  Furthermore, Council is convinced this is not only our calling into the present but the very purpose behind our creation and being.  We as Christians at St Nicholas are all called to this and can never afford to either forget or neglect this calling and purpose.

St Nicholas needs your support to make this dream a living reality for our community, for you and for those who come after you.  If you would like to either tithe to St Nicholas or pledge on a regular basis please contact our Administrator, Frith Moyce.