It was 1967 and the new suburb of Beacon Bay had about 140 new homes with no church. The rector of St Johns Anglican church in Oxford Street was conducting services in two homes on Sunday mornings and so the need arose to have a central place of worship. On 14 April 1967 Bishop of Grahamstown  Rt Rev Gordon Tindall  approved the establishment of the chapelry of St Nicholas, Beacon Bay within the pastoral care of St John. And so we celebrate 50 years this year 2017!

The name St Nicholas was chosen as Beacon Bay was a young community with lots of children and near the sea – St Nicholas is the patron saint of children and sailors he is also the patron saint of pawnbrokers and as the new families were purchasing their houses on the “Never never” this was also appropriate.

The church centre building was begun on 3 June 1968 and completed by September of the same year. Bishop Tindal dedicated the hall to the Glory of God on Saturday evening 25 January 1969.

As the years progressed folk from other denominations joined the services at St Nicholas church by 1969 a meeting to include the Methodists and Presbyterians.  An Interdenominational Sunday school opened in January 1969 and Little Beacons pre-primary rents the hall from April of the same year.

The need for  a resident minister became apparent and in January of 1970 a rectory was bought. The first occupant as resident minister was Fr Eric Pike.

In 1971 the “Ecumenical experiment at St Nicholas was officially recognised. By 1972 the churches status was raised to that of Parish with the resident minister being Fr. John Davis who threw his weight completely behind this experiment. In 1979 the St Nicholas Church Trust was formed comprising of the Anglicans, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

A new church building was started in late 1980 and dedicated to God on the 3rd of May 1981. Visible, tangible sign of growth as a united church. The first non Anglican minister, Rev Eddie Perkins was appointed. Since then based on the constitution of the church the different denominations have had ministers representing them as resident minister of St Nicholas Church.